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About Us

LawFe is one of the leading law firms in India that delivers integrated Litigation and Non-Litigation Services nationally through offices in India corporate office located at Ernakulam (Kochi). We believe that we strive to build a firm through our relentless focus on client success which is reflective of skills and implementation standards.

 LawFe delivers integrated legal solutions to complex legal issues and creates a client-focused team to provide our clients with the benefit of the diversity of viewpoints and experiences, and takes advantage of our goodwill to attract lawyers and admin staffs who are the best at what they do- delivering customized legal services. Competitive edge of the firm has drawn the best legal minds: ambitious senior lawyers and solicitors to encounter law challenges as expertise is essential to any client’s future existence and prosperity. We have a history of taking many a quality Initiative – from celebrating diversity in workplace to serving our clients with passion and integrated competencies.We do deal with all major legal subjects such as business law, criminal, Civil, family/divorce, property, accident, tax, international, maritime law

Specialization  We do deal with all major legal subjects such as business law, criminal, Civil, family/divorce, property, accident, corporate, tax, patent, international and  maritime law. We do practice in all major courts in India include supreme court, Hight court, district court, family court,etc.


The Vision behind formation of the entity ‘Lawfe’ is to Introduce and promote a corporate culture in the field of law with International standards and cater the requirements of quality legal service.

The Mission

The mission behind Lawfe is to provide Quality legal services with international standards were our customers and make available a one stop shop for all legal services. 


Disclaimer: This website is not intended to be, nor is, a source or form of publicity, advertisement or solicitation of work. This website does not in any way establish or intend to establish an advocate-client relationship, nor is it intended to be used as an invitation for such relationship. For any legal advice we would always recommended to approach a best subject expert lawyer in person. For example, meet top divorce lawyers in Kochi for divorce related matter in Kochi, the same way best property lawyers in Kochi for property matters.